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Optus Customer Service Is A Terrible Mess

Optus Customer Service Is A Terrible Mess


Optus, the second biggest telecommunications company in Australia, has really bad customer service. It is that simple.

As an Optus customer, I know this first hand. But it doesn’t just stop with bad customer service, they over charge, fail to deliver products, often sending the wrong product entirely. For some reason, Optus justifies this with their ‘generous’ credit policy. So basically, they…

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Differences Between Android L and Android Kitkat

Differences Between Android L and Android Kitkat

Android L Vs Android Kitkat

Android L is on its way, so what are the differences between Android L and Android Kitkat.

The two operating systems are actually pretty similar. Things that haven’t changed include the iconography, the layout, widget functions and the app drawer function. Check out the video or text summary below to find out more about Android L VS Android Kitkat.


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5 Ways to Encrypt your VoIP Calls

5 Ways to Encrypt your VoIP Calls

5 Ways to Encrypt your VoIP calls: 

Security nowadays is of supreme importance. There is a steep rise in the number of telecom hacking cases and this puts personal information in jeopardy. Not only personal security but also the privacy of individuals is of great significance One has every right to keep their conversations and other details private. Having hackers all around, it can sometimes…

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Unique Pet with a Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Unique Pet with a Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Real, Live Jellyfish on your Desktop

Fish are fun to look at, but everyone seems to have them. What about Jellyfish? If you are looking for a unique pet, the Desktop Jellyfish tank might be for you. A complete habitat with everything you need for jellyfish, including the jellyfish, shipped to your door (US only).

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank started on Kickstarter, gaining immense popularity. The…

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Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: Tablet for Gamers

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: Tablet for Gamers

Nvidia Shield Tablet for Gamers

Last year, Nvidia introduced the Nvidia Shield, an Android phone and even a Nintendo game and watch. Their new products have impressed portable gamers, and its new Nvidia Shield tablet is sure to continue their success.

[amazon asin=B00LM6KF7O&template=iframe image]

  • The first tablet built with gamers in mind
  • Unbeatable tablet graphics, video, and audio,…

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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Good Specs, Easy to Use

Amazon Fire Phone Review: Good Specs, Easy to Use

Amazon Fire Phone:

Amazon has recently revealed their very first entry into the smartphone market, with the Amazon Fire Phone. Amazon has a new approach, claiming that the smartphone industry has dulled down, offering the new Amazon Fire Phone as a fresh device with a more colourful perspective.

The Amazon Fire Phone sells for under 200 dollars with a two year contract from AT&T. You can also get…

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Leap Motion Controller Review for OS X/Mac

Leap Motion Controller Review for OS X/Mac

The future is on its way with the Leap Motion Controller. If you want to be able to control your Mac computer without having to even touch the mouse or screen, the Leap Motion could be for you. Forget about touch screen, check out the Leap Motion and control your Mac without touching it.

What is the Leap Motion?

Apple has recently acquired Primesense, the developer of 3D sensor technology, the…

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Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That Already Exist

Top 5 Futuristic Technologies That Already Exist

Futuristic Technology of Today:

The world we know is changing fast thanks to rapidly developing technology. But did you know that the future is close than you might think, with some amazing technologies existing in 2014. What new and exciting technologies wait for us around the corner? What if what you thought could only be science fiction, existed today? The video and article below highlight…

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Adventure Time Gifts, Goodies and Stuff

Adventure Time Gifts, Goodies and Stuff

Adventure Time Stuff:

Have you heard of Adventure Time? It might look like a kid’s cartoon show, but boy it goes so much deeper. Adventure Time has become a cult TV show watched by children, adults and stoners alike. Its deep story lines, interesting characters and clever humour make it a great watch for pretty much anybody. If you do love Adventure Time, you can find a whole heap of Adventure…

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Game of Thrones Memorabilia from ThinkGeek

Game of Thrones Memorabilia from ThinkGeek

Get Your Game of Thrones Gear:

ThinkGeek is the number one online store for Game of Thrones memorabilia. Game of Thrones is a hit TV show and book series that has taken the world by storm. If you are a fan of the show, you can find a number of unique Game of Thrones memorabilia, gifts and gadgets. ThinkGeek is a popular online store that has a huge range of Game of Thrones gifts and gadgets to…

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Quad Core Windows 8 Tablet for Under 400 Dollars

Quad Core Windows 8 Tablet for Under 400 Dollars

Windows 8 Tablet for Under 400 Dollars: The MeeGo Pad F10.

A new brand of Windows tablets has emerged from China, MeeGo. The MeeGo Pad F10 is their latest Windows 8 tablet device. It features a 10.1 inch IPS Retina display, quad core processing with an Intel Atom Z3740 and a bunch of great extra features including bluetooth, GPS and a keyboard dock.


The MeeGo Pad also comes with a killer price…

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Best Emulator PSP for Android

Best Emulator PSP for Android

Best Emulator PSP for Android

If you ever had a PSP, you will understand just how fun they were in their prime. But now that smartphones and tablets have kicked off, why carry around a PSP? Now, you can actually emulate PSP games on Android. The PSP was eventually discontinued and replaced with the Playstation Vita, but you can still play those great PSP games on your Android tablet.

One of the…

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Amazon Fire TV Review: TV, Games & More

Amazon Fire TV Review: TV, Games & More

When it comes to hardware for streaming digital content, the Amazon Fire TV seems to be in a league of its own. The Apple TV is a great device, but the Amazon Fire TV has taken its set top box to a whole new level. The Amazon Fire TV is not just a TV streaming device, but also works as a gaming console and a media centre for the home.

Amazon has stated that the Fire TV is not a gaming console,…

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How To Root Android with Kingo

How To Root Android with Kingo

Root Android with Kingo Windows App

Find out how to root your Android smartphone or tablet to gain extra functionality with the free Kingo application for Windows. This is a reversible process and Kingo claims there is no risk of bricking your device. 

When you root an Android device, you gain access to more functionality and less restrictions. Rooting will let you do more with your Android…

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10 Weird and Wonderful Android Gadgets

10 Weird and Wonderful Android Gadgets

Android is an ever growing operating system for mobile devices. Thanks to its open source design, it is easy for developers to create weird and wonderful new Android gadgets for us consumers to enjoy. These Android gadgets range from breathalysers, to smart TV devices, desk pets, smartphone controlled toys, USB MIDI keyboards and more. Read on for 20 weird and wonderful Android gadgets, all…

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